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Pan Seas Enterprises Pte Ltd
Pan Seas Enterprises Pte Ltd
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Name:Ms. Ednes Voon [Purchasing]
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Skype: panseasmkting
Phone Number:Phone number of Ms. Ednes Voon at Singapore
Fax Number:Fax number of Ms. Ednes Voon at Singapore
Address:35B Fishery Port Road, Jurong Central Fish Market
Singapore 617944
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Registration Date:Aug. 25, 2011
Last Updated:Feb. 17, 2012
Business Nature:Manufacturing, Trade of Food & Beverage category

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Pan Seas Enterprises Pte Ltd set its sails in 1966 as a local distributor of seafood. It has now grown to a highly diversified, innovative food business venture that include:

• import and export of seafood to all parts of the world

• providing value-added processing of food products

• comprehensive cold storage facilities

• proud producers of quality food under house brands ‘ Karrion’ and ‘ Panseas’

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